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    We are the bridge between affordable coaching & EQ skill building

    We realize that not every issue regarding emotional intelligence is black and white, so we have created a hub where individuals can learn new skills that they can apply immediately, receive guidance from certified coaches, and lean on the community for support and encouragement in their development.

    We exist to provide a resourceful and communal platform for individuals looking to increase their emotional intelligence in both work and life. We manifest this by offering engaging live group coaching calls, developmental webinars, and opportunities to connect with the brightest minds in the world. As The collEQtive, we are the bridge between affordable coaching, EQ skill building, and an impassioned community of individuals that recognize the power of EQ.

    Emotional intelligence may be the

    most powerful under-used force

    on the planet today

    Sadly, most were never taught that EQ is a skill that can be developed. Influence, motivation, engagement, confidence, self-awareness, relationship building, etc…the impact and success of these attributes are related to how much emotional intelligence we possess. Currently, we live in an EQ drought where there are very few resources available explicitly dedicated to provide you with consistent learning, live engagement, and community.

    With the collEQtive, you have an opportunity to upskill and accelerate the growth of your emotional intelligence like never before.


    become the best EQ version of yourself


    Master your Energy


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    Master your Energy

    1. Emotions: energy + motion - How energy shifts in different emotions
    2. Manifestation: How you can raise your vibration and attract more.
    3. Awareness: How your energy speaks before you do and how to be self-aware.
    4. Emotional Courage: How to be comfortable in the uncomfortable.
    5. Vulnerability: How to be non-judgemental against yourself and others.
    6. Empathy with Authenticity: How to leverage both compassion and honesty.



    Master your MINDSET

    1 Jan - 31 Mar


    Master your Mindset

    1. Imposter Syndrome: How to turn your inner critic into an inner coach.
    2. Fear of Success: What are we really afraid of and how to shift our thoughts.
    3. Bouncing Back: Is resilience different from grit?
    4. Beginner’s Mind: Monkey mind, reptilian mind, and human mind.
    5. Neuroscience: What is the science behind our mindsets?
    6. Growth Mindset: How to seek out opportunities for learning and development.



    Master your COMMUNICATION

    1 Apr - 30 Jun


    Master your Communication

    1. Influence pt. 1: How to be an effective and empowering leader.
    2. Influence pt. 2: How to generate buy-in for your next project.
    3. Trustworthy: How to get people to trust you and how you can create psychological safety.
    4. Personality: How to better communicate whether you’re an introvert, extrovert, or ambivert.
    5. Relationship Building: The key principles of building great relationships.
    6. Tough Conversations: How to navigate conflict and have difficult conversations.



    Master your SUCCESS

    1 Jul - 30 Sep


    Master your Success

    1. Prosperity: What is the true definition of success?
    2. Comparability: How to remove the comparison trap and ego.
    3. Purpose: Knowing your ‘why’ and how to navigate the space of finding/living in your calling.
    4. Work/Life Integration: How to create a more synergistic relationship with work/life.
    5. Habits: How to use habits to better serve your mission.
    6. Taking Risks: How taking calculated risks pushes you past your comfort zone.


    - Why join the CollEQtive?

    Have you always wanted to have a coach, someone in your corner, guiding you with some of the best content and expertise around?

    Well, that’s what the collEQtive is and a whole lot more. Not only do you have Elijah and Ush to support you, you have access to experts via a fireside chat, free books, and time to hang out with a community of people who get you!

    - How much time do I need to spend?

    All you need is a few hours a week. This is interactive, and you will have various modes of learning. Webinars, live coaching, hot seating, fireside chats, Ted Talks and some insanely good resources. Best of all, you can be on the move while you learn, as all this can be on the move while you learn on the powerful platform.

    - How long does my membership last?

    The CollEQtive takes you through 4 key areas over 12 months, to help you become the best version of you, all while slaying through life! Become a Warrior and master your energy, become a Sage and master your mindset become a Knight and master your communication, and become a Gladiator and master your success. Through each phase you go through, we will have our very own Guides to share their insights into what success means for them.

    - Why is the collEQtive different to other membership programs out there?

    There is nothing out there that is just for EQ in this way. Ush and Elijah live and breath EQ and have a tonne of expertise to share with you. Combined, they have over 10 years specialist expertise in EQ and their passion is to help you thrive and be the best version of you that you can be.


    When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures of emotion.

    Dale Carnegie

    The emotional brain responds to an event more quickly than the thinking brain.

    Daniel Goleman

    Emotional Intelligence grows through perception. Look around at your present situation and observe it through the level of feeling.

    Deepak Chopra

    Anyone can be angry--that is easy. But to be angry with the right person, to the right degree, at the right time, for the right purpose, and in the right way--that is not easy.


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    Ush Dhanak is one of Australia’s leading experts on emotional intelligence, an EQ coach and trainer and a popular keynote speaker at events around the world. She’s the founder and CEO of EQ Academy. Ush’s point of difference is using Neuroleadership and EQ to help leaders uncover their true potential. It’s about understanding the brain and using science-based methods to rewire it and create new ways of working and thinking.

    Born in the UK, Ush is a lawyer and barrister by trade. After moving to Sydney 16 years ago, she worked as a lawyer for top-tier law firms, and then moved into Head of HR roles. Around this time, Ush developed a keen interest in emotional intelligence, and began studying and reading about its impact. She studied it at a time when no one was really talking about it. So, Ush decided to pursue it as a career, and saw fantastic results in the people she coached. Today, Ush coaches leaders and runs workshops for organisations that recognise the value of offering emotional intelligence training to their people.



    Elijah Seay is a professional coach who utilizes emotionally intelligent coaching techniques to support his clients in unlocking their talents, pushing toward audacious goals, and overcoming mental blocks. He empowers his clients to create self-sustaining action steps to accomplish their goals while also learning the skills of self-coaching. Elijah’s core mission is to help others use the superpower of EQ to enhance and enrich their life, work, and future.

    become the best EQ version of yourself

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